O2 XDA/T-Mobile/AT&T SX56 PPC Phone Do-It-Yourself Kits

We are pleased to release a Hi-Capacity Do-It-Yourself pocket option review Li-Ion Battery kit for the HTC Pocket PC Phone Series. Our kits include detailed, fully illustrated instructions and all the tools & components needed to update the component being replaced.

The standard battery installed in the HTC PPCPE is 1500 mAH.  Our Hi-Capacity battery is 1800 mAH which is a 20% increase in capacity.  However, our testing is showing a higher capacity run rate due to some adjustments binary deriv made to the battery interface circuitry.

Based on repeated full charge/discharge cycles on a 64MB unit, the standard battery tested out at 5.5 to 6.5 hours running KeepAlive with the backlight on.  Our crypto exchange Hi-Capacity battery has tested out at 9 - 10.5 hours.  That is a 63% percent increase!  Based on manufacturing tolerances and usage profiles, we are expecting a 25-40% average increase in runtime.

The user needs to be aware that installing this kit technically voids the warranty on the unit.

Our DIY kits include the following tools and parts:
  1. Anti-Static wrist strap
  2. Torx screwdriver, size T-6, to remove two of the bottom cover screws
  3. PPC Techs Std/Phillips Screwdriver to remove two of the bottom cover screws
  4. Case Utility Tool to separate plastic parts
  5. Thin tipped tweezers to lift out screws and components that you cannot grasp with your fingers
  6. 1800 mAH Hi-Capacity Battery
Our Additional Battery:
  1. Our 1800 mAH Hi-Capacity Li-Ion Polymer battery
If you need multiple batteries, you may order multiples of the battery component as long as at least one DIY Kit is purchased. You can purchase the additional part alone, but instructions are not included.  The PPCPE is very difficult to open safely.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING A FULL KIT!

O2 XDA/T-Mobile/AT&T SX56 PPC Phone Series::
O2 XDA/T-Mobile/AT&T; SX56 PPC Phone Do-It-Yourself 1800 mAH Li-ION Polymer Battery Kit $79.00


O2 XDA/T-Mobile/AT&T; SX56 PPC Phone Series 1800 mAH Li-ION Polymer Battery (Additional Unit) $69.00


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